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Urinal Sleeve The 3 in 1 DIY Urinal Sleeve - Business Opportunity

Welcome to the opportunity to set up your own business with the 3in1 urinal sleeve. This absolutely ideal if you are already in the plumbing or maintenance trade and are self employed or want to be self employed. It is also great if you already have a plumbing or washroom business







As you are in the trade, you will have probably noticed urinal sleeves in a lot of your customers premises already. You may have been called out to your client to clear urinal blockages or do something about the smell. It may be that the urinals had a normal waste outlet or they may have already had an alternative type of sleeve installed, either way, it is an opportunity to add a little income to your portfolio and to help your customer out as well!

Urinal sleeves






Whilst you can make a lot of money unblocking drains for customers, this can be unsatisfactory as normally they only call you out when they have a problem and they associate that problem with you. If you could reduce the number of blockages or perhaps even eliminate them, reduce the smells, and save them money they will be very grateful and will stay with you for years. Your business will turn in to regular income and regular servicing, much better than erratic income and call outs at inconvenient times.

Blocked Urinals

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3in1 Urinal Sleeves

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The 3 in 1 DIY Urinal Sleeve - How we help you

Ideally if you are being called out for a blocked or smelly set of urinals, then it is best to get everything unblocked and preferably refit some brand new pipe work. Ideally replace the pipe work to build in a better fall and to be easily replaceable, i.e. use compression or push fittings. You can miss this out if the urinals are brand new and the work is precautionary, or there is no history of blockages.

The next step is to install the 3in1 urinal sleeve using our waste outlet replacements, often it is best to replace the bottle traps as well, just to make it extra fresh.

Then replace the urinal sleeves every two months and build in a pipe clean every year and possibly pipe replacement every 2-3 years (Optional).

If you are taking over a contract from a competitor then there is a 90% chance that the 3in1 urinal sleeve will fit in the existing outlets.

REMEMBER all this work is chargeable to the client and at the rates you want to charge. The customer will be happy because they will be saving money, saving water and have reduced blockages and smells.

First of all, THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE. No contracts No penalties. All we do is sell you the fantastic 3in1 DIY urinal sleeve at a highly competitive price so that you can remain highly competitive as well

THE WEB SITE is rammed full of nearly everything you need to know about installing the 3in1 urinal sleeves. All the pros and cons, what you can expect after the urinal sleeves are installed and how you can best help the customer. If there is something you don’t understand just ask and we will give you our most honest and open advice and possibly publish it with our FAQs.

THIS IS AN OPEN ACCESS SITE but don’t worry, even if your customer wants to buy the sleeves direct you will still be charging them for all your labour and other plumbing work, in fact it could ease your cash flow if they did buy direct. But the best thing is you can show them this web site so they don’t get any misunderstandings about the service they are going to receive and you can show them the benefits of the 3in1 urinal sleeve.

Fitting a urinal sleeve

SO WHAT DO I DO NOW? Read all the tutorials and view the videos and then just contact us as soon as you are ready. We will then work out which starter package is best for you and confirm all your prices. Don’t worry the smallest starter package is just 30 sleeves, so again we don’t make it difficult in fact we cant make it any simpler so contact us now

Fitting a urinal sleeve Visit the contact page and fill out form The 3 in 1 DIY Urinal Sleeve - The ideal service