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Urinal Sleeve


First of all please watch our full installation video, then hopefully every thing will make sense



When first installing the 3in1 urinal sleeve you will need a small selection of items, these include a set of step ladders, cleaning wet floor sign, cleaning product, a scraper and cloth, a roll of paper, a jug, silicon sealant, a wrench and of course the new 3in1 urinal sleeve and waste outlet. Ensure that you wear protective clothing like overalls and of course gloves, if the toilets are in bad condition you may want to wear a mask as well.

STEP 1 Turn off the water supply, preferably from an isolation tap situated between the mains supply and the cistern. If a water manager is present make sure this is switched off and not just in idle mode

STEP 2 Place a bucket or other receptacle beneath the urinal. Where there is limited space you could use a plastic bag

STEP 4 Release the U bend or bottle trap and loosen the waste outlet locking nut from beneath the urinal, then push the urinal waste outlet up and out

STEP 5 Clean the urinal and remove any silicone debris with a plastic scraper

STEP 3 Pour about a litre of water in to the waste outlet to flush out the urine that may be in the bottle trap

NOTE Before fitting the new 3in1 urinal sleeve, all waste pipe work should be cleared of lime scale , uric salt and debris. If this cannot be achieved using descaling chemicals it may be necessary to use a professional company to jet wash the pipes, alternatively in severe cases it may be better to completely replace the old pipe work

STEP 6 Select the new outlet, usually a 1.25” or 1.5” for bowl urinals and 2” or silicone adapter for trough and slab urinals. Place a bead of silicone sealant underneath the top shoulder of the 3in1 urinal sleeve waste outlet, insert in to the drain hole and press firmly in to place, remove excess silicone immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel.

STEP 7 Fit the locking nut and washer from underneath and tighten the waste outlet (do not over tighten). Offer up the bottle trap and tighten on to the new outlet (do not over tighten). To test for leaks pour about a litre into the urinal whilst holding a dry cloth under the trap.

STEP 8 Now simply insert the 3in1 urinal sleeve. If you are fitting with a 1.5” (large) outlet you will need to insert a reducing collar first. Please note there is a chamfered edge to the adaptor collar and and this should be fitted at the top when sliding the collar in to the neck of the waste outlet ad then pushed fully home.

STEP 9 Set the regulator cap, when installing for the first time we recommend that you start with all of the holes closed in busy locations and all three holes open when situated in infrequently used situations of where water flow from the cistern is weak

STEP 10 Retest the water seal of the waste outlet and that the drains are clear by pouring a litre down the waste outlet and then carry out a test flush by resetting the water manager or simply by opening the isolation tap.

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How to install a brand new 3in1 Urinal sleeve and outlet