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Urinal Sleeve


Q How often should we service the urinals we have installed?

OUR OPINION: Optimally it is best to service the urinals once every two months,however there are a lot of factors that come in to play.

1. Number of people using the urinals: It might be that a lot of people use the urinals all day long such as in public buildings, train stations, or it may be that a lot of people use the urinals but only for a short period like at pubs and clubs. All will have an effect on the longevity of the urinal sleeve The actual number of urinals will also have an effect

2. The amount of water going through the system: This is not just the frequency of flush, sometimes the tank can be 15 litres or more but when it flushes it is so slow that it never washes over the biological block that’s held with in the urinal sleeve and similarly a 6 litre tank may flush frequently and with some force, washing the block away rapidly. The 3in1 urinal sleeve has a regulator cap that goes someway to helping to counter these issues

3. The Ambient temperature: This is standard physics, the block will dissolve more quickly if the water is warm, this is either because the ambient temperature is high or the cold water pipe runs alongside a hot water pipe. Sometimes leisure centres can get very warm

So ideally we should aim for a two monthly service period and can use the regulator to help control this period along with Flush controllers. We would hope that there is only a very small bit of biological block left at the end of the two month period. In some instances this may not be possible and an alternative service period may be required